GreenScapes LLC
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Improve your yard's look and health

Water retention

A good layer of mulch will shield the water in the ground from the powerful rays of the sun. This means that the soil around your plants stays cool, moist and full of nutrients.

Natural weed control

As weeds require sunlight to grow, mulch is a low-cost, natural and effective way to inhibit their growth, especially in sensitive areas like flower beds. When you mulch, you can say goodbye to weeds.

Beautiful landscape

Available in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials, mulch is often used to improve the look of a yard. When making landscaping plans, make sure to include some beautiful, beneficial mulch.

Offering a variety of services

Leaf Cleanup

Shrubs Care


Let our mowing help you achieve a perfectly manicured lawn.

Flower Beds

Enjoy a dazzling flower bed, with none of the hard work.

Say goodbye to a messy yard with our leaf cleanup service.

Trimming and shaping are included in our shrubs service.

Mulching is a smart, environmentally friend way to discourage weed growth around plants, deliver important nutrients and beautify your landscape.