GreenScapes LLC
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Fast and effective leaf removal

Fast and effective

You could spend hours raking leaves, only to spend just as much time trying to stuff them into bags. If you're tired of the constant battle, allow our speedy technicians to put an end to your suffering.

Professional equipment

Our powerful vacuums make short work of lawns covered in leaves. Best of all, we take the debris with us, so there's no need to deal with overflowing bags, trash days or recycling men.

Home or business

We offer our fast and effective leaf removal services to both homes and businesses. Wherever you might be dealing with piles of messy leaves and other debris, we'll be there to clean up.

Offering a variety of services

Leaf Removal

Lawn Service

Flower Beds

Enjoy gorgeous flower beds without the hard work.


Offering expert service for offices and commercial buildings.

Our leaf removal service keeps you from being plagued by piles.

Professional lawn services on your schedule.

When the weather cools down and your lawn becomes a haven for fallen leaves, you have two choices: live with the annoying piles or allow our techs to quickly and efficiently vacuum them away.